Sign Me Up For Announcements

  • Fri, December 31, 1999

If you are a GO member, login and then edit your profile to add yourself to various mailing lists.  For non-members, to start the process, click on the "Register" button to the left and above.

Enter any required field - those will have a red * next to them.  

Scroll down until you see "Mailing Lists".  Tick each of the boxes for announcements you'd like to receive.

Thank you for signing up for announcements from the Great Outdoors Club.

Although our registration form for mailing lists is long and seems strange, you will not be sent an invoice to join. Our system doesn't allow for a short version just to get you signed up for one or more of our mailing lists.  

Should you decide to join (it's just $25 per year), just click on the Join Us page.

Please Note: Due to the popularity of some of our events, we may initially limit registrations to members only. Non-Members will be given a chance at a future date to register if space is still available. Members need to be signed in with their email and password in order to register for member only events.
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