SD - Monthly Bonfire

  • Thu, August 19, 2021
  • 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
  • Vacation Island, to the right (north) of the Paradise Point resort (previously called Pacific Princess resort)

Monthly Multi-Group Bonfire & Potluck

Date:  Thursday, August 19, 2021 (and Sept 16 and Oct 21)

Time:  6:30-9:30 pm

Location:  Vacation Island, to the right (north) of the Paradise Point resort (previously called Pacific Princess resort)

RSVP: None....Just show up!

Event Cost:  Free (bring potluck stuff to share)  If you're willing to chip in a dollar or two toward the firewood, the money goes to a local charity that has been nice enough to share the wood with us.

Parking:   Easy.  Ample parking on site

Join us for our Potluck Bonfires by the Bay!

DESCRIPTION: The monthly Bonfires & Potlucks are co-sponsored by CMG and a number of men's groups (so far, it's CMG, Great Outdoors, SAGA Ski Club, and possibly Great Autos...hoping to add other groups over time).  Our plan (COVID permitting) is to do "Third Thursdays" for a few months til daylight savings ends.


  • An entree or a side dish or dessert (if you're on the fence, we CAN have too many desserts, but we can never have too many meal choices and sides)
  • A serving utensil, if your offering needs one
  • A beverage for yourself (though, alcohol is banned in Mission Bay Park)
  • A beach chair is nice if you have one
  • Layers, in case it gets cool later
  • Friends!

You can also help support this event by bringing a portable table, paper plates, cups, utensils, napkins or firewood, but CMG is making sure that's covered.

COVID POLICY:  Due to the fact that we'll be in somewhat close proximity and sharing food off a potluck table, we are requesting that only those who have been fully vaccinated attend the bonfire this month.  We will revisit this request in the coming months to see if the situation changes, but with the increase in Delta cases, this policy will likely put more men at ease than it will upset, so it feels like the choice we must make.

We hope this will give vaccinated men who have concerns about coming more peace of mind.

MASKING:  We're outdoors, which certainly reduces risk, but we cannot deny the alarming rise in the Delta Burke variant (dang that wench!).  As such, for now at least, we're simply leaving the choice of masking up to you.  The only two rules are:
  1) no shaming other for wearing or not wearing
  2) be respectful if some people aren't feeling as hug-ready 
as they might have been back in June.

DIRECTIONS: Take the 8 freeway west toward Mission Bay, exit onto Mission Bay Drive and make a right, then merge into the far left hand lane onto Ingraham Street, heading North, then make a left onto Vacation Rd as if you were heading into Paradise Point Resort (previously called Pacific Princess Resort), but then an immediate Right before entering the resort to get to the side parking lot. We’ll be on the left (West) side of parking lot by the rest rooms. (Note: we're on the WEST side of Ingraham St. Don't confuse this spot with a similar one on the east side of the street.)

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